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Meet Teresa: My Cooking Box

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Teresa and Roberto, an expert gastronomic couple from Italy who live here on Aphrodite Hills, are bringing the finest Italian ingredients to Cyprus in the form of ‘My Cooking Box‘. We love the concept and the end results! A cooking experience that brings everyone together using recipes created by Italian chefs, with exquisite Italian ingredients conveniently boxed up; it’s fun, created with love and SO tasty!
Teresa tells us more:

Tell us about My Cooking Box
It’s a magic box with all you need to recreate an authentic Italian recipe at home. The recipes are simple, it saves you from shopping and it takes the stress out of cooking; making it easy to enjoy being
a chef. Open a bottle of wine, prepare the meal together and savour the true tastes of Italy. It is a treat, not an every day idea – an experience.

What makes it special?
Each box is from a different region of Italy, with ingredients sourced from the region, with a recipe prepared by a well known Italian chef. Personally I love preparing a selection of boxes, tasting a bit of each, as a family or with a group of friends.

What inspired My Cooking Box?
We just couldn’t find a true representation of our home country’s
flavours here in Cyprus!

Tell us about your passion for cooking
More than a passion for cooking, I love food! I really started to cook after I moved to Cyprus 14 years ago; I called my mother a lot, and made a lot of mistakes, but I am a perfectionist so I persisted. I’m now proud that my friends tell me they can’t eat any other pizza in
Cyprus apart from mine! I have learned that cooking is all about the details of each and every ingredient.

Why did you choose Aphrodite Hills?
We built our house here after we fell in love with Cyprus and the lifestyle it offers; it is a simple but good life, with good weather, the bluest skies, kind people and it is safe. We chose Aphrodite Hills for the golf, the lovely environment and it is a great location on the island.

Aside from healthy eating, how do you keep a healthy lifestyle?
Roberto and I golf 3 – 4 times a week and I exercise every day. We also travel a lot and have had many experiences abroad.

What is your favourite My Cooking Box?
The Sicilian Busiati; it is a special wholegrain pasta and the sauce is
fantastic, full of flavour with Sicilian tomatoes, capers and olives.

Try your My Cooking Box experience and order online now. A great gift option too! http://teresa-roberto.com.cy/

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Kastro Taverna

★★★ – €€
Tel: 25 222 562                                                                            

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Prime location, overlooking the bay, offering stunning sea views. Kastro is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. A friendly, family run taverna that serves beautiful fresh fish dishes and good traditional fare, try the moussaka! International dishes are also on offer in the evenings. Good selection of wines available. Well worth a visit, make sure to book ahead, especially during summer lunch times.