Self Catering

Here are some useful tips to maximise your comfort and enjoyment while holidaying in your Aphrodite Rentals property.

Keep as much food in the fridge as you can. Take vegetables out of plastic bags if they are not in the fridge as they can ‘cook’ in the bags. If you’ve just carried a big shop home when it’s really hot and you fill the fridge the alarm will probably go off, look for the ‘mute’ button and press it. Cover food when out of the fridge.

Wipe down work surfaces and sweep regularly to prevent ants and wasps from coming into the property. They have a good nose for food and drink spills.

Ovens and BBQs
When you arrive at the property the oven and BBQ will have been cleaned. Make sure you clean them before you go home otherwise extra cleaning costs may be taken off your damage deposit.

Rubbish & Recycling
Please place rubbish in the bins and cupboards provided at the entrances in and around the resort villages and villa entrances. Recycling bins are situated at the Resort entrance, behind the security hut. Current recycling schemes include paper, glass and plastic packaging.

Eating outside
If you are bothered by wasps then put something sweet in a jar or saucer a little way away from you and it should divert their attention. It would also help if you cover as much food as possible.

Biting insects love it under tables – get a citronella candle or something similar and put it underneath the table. The mosquito season is from mid April to mid June or thereabouts, you won’t feel them if they bite you but you will know it after an hour or so. We also have something called ‘no see ems’ here. It’s true, they are tiny and you can’t see them but you will feel a slight sting when they bite.

Wear long trousers in the evening, it will stop them all from biting your legs.

Swimming Pools
Please shower before getting into the pool or if there is not the facility, wait at least 10 minutes after applying suncream to get in. This will stop suncream gathering in the water, causing the chemicals in the pool to break down.

If you have requested pool heating, please keep the cover on when the pool is not in use.