Useful Tips

For saving money and self-catering

Self Catering

Here are some useful tips to maximise your comfort and enjoyment while holidaying in your Aphrodite Rentals property.

Keep as much food in the fridge as you can. Take vegetables out of plastic bags if they are not in the fridge as they can ‘cook’ in the bags. If you’ve just carried a big shop home when it’s really hot and you fill the fridge the alarm will probably go off, look for the ‘mute’ button and press it. Cover food when out of the fridge.

Wipe down work surfaces and sweep regularly to prevent ants and wasps from coming into the property. They have a good nose for food and drink spills.

Ovens and BBQs
When you arrive at the property the oven and BBQ will have been cleaned. Make sure you clean them before you go home otherwise extra cleaning costs may be taken off your damage deposit.

Rubbish & Recycling
Please place rubbish in the bins and cupboards provided at the entrances in and around the resort villages and villa entrances. Recycling bins are situated at the Resort entrance, behind the security hut. Current recycling schemes include paper, glass and plastic packaging.

Eating outside
If you are bothered by wasps then put something sweet in a jar or saucer a little way away from you and it should divert their attention. It would also help if you cover as much food as possible.

Biting insects love it under tables – get a citronella candle or something similar and put it underneath the table. The mosquito season is from mid April to mid June or thereabouts, you won’t feel them if they bite you but you will know it after an hour or so. We also have something called ‘no see ems’ here. It’s true, they are tiny and you can’t see them but you will feel a slight sting when they bite.

Wear long trousers in the evening, it will stop them all from biting your legs.

Swimming Pools
Please shower before getting into the pool or if there is not the facility, wait at least 10 minutes after applying suncream to get in. This will stop suncream gathering in the water, causing the chemicals in the pool to break down.

If you have requested pool heating, please keep the cover on when the pool is not in use.



Cyprus bank Holidays

Most stores will not open on the following dates:


Greek Independence Day 25 Mar
Greek Cypriot National Day 1 Apr
Good Friday 29 Apr
Easter Sunday 30 Apr
Easter Monday 1 May
Labour Day 1 May
Whit Monday 20 Jun
Pentecost (Kataklysmos) 19 Jun
Assumption of the Virgin Mary 15 Aug
Cyprus Independence Day 1 Oct
Greek National Day 28 Oct
Christmas Day 25 Dec
Boxing Day 26 Dec

Take Aways

Whether you have just arrived, got back late from a day’s sightseeing or if you’ve have had a relaxing day by the pool and just can’t motivate yourself to go out or cook there are options for you to have food delivered to your holiday property or pre phone your food order for collection. We highlight a few options for your convenience;

Ladi & Regani Kebab House

Ladi & Regani Kebab House


Saffron Contemporary Indian Cuisine
★★★★ – €€ – Tel: 96 778084

Serving a delicious selection of Indian traditional and contemporary dishes cooked up by the talented Indian chefs. Extensive menu with lots of tasty dishes to chose from for your take away option.  In Pissouri Bay, on the main road – parking available.

Googlemap Link


Gabriels – Kouklia Village
★★★★ – €€€ – Tel: 26 432 527                                                                    Situated in the centre of Kouklia village on the left past the church. Gabriels offers a great range of tasty traditional Cypriot dishes, with regular specials. Great option for take aways!

Zimi – Pizza & Pasta – Aphrodite Hills Village Square
★★★★★ – €€€ – Tel: 26 829 472
Situated overlooking the children’s playground in the village square. Good selection of pizzas and salads, large portions – perfect for take away. Phone in advance to avoid the queue.

Ladi & Regani Kebab house – Aphrodite Hills Village Square
★★★★ – €€ – Tel: 26 829 479
Freshly and traditionally cooked kebabs, (Souvlaki) made to order good with a side salad, chips and a drink. Take away service available. Open from 12:00 – 21:00, call ahead to be sure it’s open.

Mandria Supermarket
★★★★★ – € – Tel: 26 423 924
A small take away food shop attached to the supermarket which sells beautiful homemade Cypriot dishes, including moussaka, keftedes and roast chicken.  Situated just after the Mandria turn off on the B6 to Paphos.  Open every day from 8am – 10pm (food is available until early evening, drop in, do not call to order)

Hani Restaurant – Pissouri Village
★★★★★ – € – Tel: 25 221 211
On the left before the Papantoniou’s supermarket on the B6 as you reach Pissouri. Open for breakfast and lunch this is a perfect pit-stop to pick up some traditional Cypriot food, or a hot sandwich to enjoy at home.

My Cooking Box –
★★★★★ – €€€                                                                                                                      Not quite a take away, but does save you the hassle of shopping for  ingredients. Italian dishes boxed up with ingredients and recipes ready to go; simple, enjoyable cooking experience. Order online,  delivery within 48 hours. A real treat!

My Cooking Box advert 2020_2My Cooking Box advert 2020

Saving Money

Holidays can be expensive for families so here are just a few ideas to help you keep your costs down.

8509 Discount Scheme

Show your 8509 magazine at participating outlets. Discounts of up to 10% off rounds of Golf, discounted meals, money off taxi rides or scuba dives, to name but a few, will help save money during your stay with us.

Air-con and electricity surcharges
Avoid these by using air conditioners wisely. Set the temperature to a reasonable level (24C is about right). Don’t leave them on when you are away from, or outside, the property. Use the ‘sleep’ or ‘timer’ setting if you have one, this will run them for a fixed period whilst you get to sleep and then turn themselves off.

The larger supermarkets often have deals and multibuys which will help you keep shopping bills down. If you don’t want to go to the major supermarkets in Pissouri, Paphos or Limassol, try ‘Andros’ in Pissouri Village Square or ‘Central’ next to the police station in Kouklia, they have a pretty good range.

Bottled water
Just buy a couple of bottles to start you off and then refill them from the tap and keep them in the fridge. The drinking water in Cyprus is perfectly safe.

Eating out
If you want to save money on eating out, be sure to present your 8509 magazine at participating eateries. Village tavernas and eateries offer the best value for money. You won’t have to go far; Pissouri, Pissouri Bay, Kouklia and Mandria all have good choices of value for money restaurants and tavernas, many of them offering the 8509 discount.


Ask courses about their Twilight deals, and midweek competitions, they often work out great value – especially in peak periods. The 4-ball special and afternoon twilight rates are great value at Elea Estate.  The ‘tee for two’ on Fridays, and ‘9 hole Wednesday afternoon competitions’ at Aphrodite Hills are particularly good value too.


View all our discounts here!

Getting Around

Bus Route
A cheaper alternative to a taxi or hire car into Paphos is the local bus service. The route 631 bus to Paphos harbour collects from the resort in the Golf club car park slip road near the Aphrodite Hills roundabout.

Route 631
Paphos Harbour (Bus station) – Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock) – travel time 45 mins.

Harbour (main station), Ledas, Alkiminis, Poseidonos Ave., Danaes Ave., Aphrodite’s avenue, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave., Gianni Kontou, Ippokratous, Makariou Ave., Paphos-Limassol old road (B6), Kouklia Village, Aphrodite Hills, Petra Tou Romiou.

From Harbour:
Monday – Saturday:
07:25, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 17:30, 18:30, 22:30.
Sunday & Public Holidays
06:30, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 18:40, 22:30.
From Petra Tou Romiou, daily:
08:15, 10:05, 11:35, 15:05, 15:25, 16:35, 16:55, 18:20, 19:30, 0:00.

One way: €1.50 (after 23:00 €2.50)
Daily pass: €5.00 Weekly pass: €20.00
Students and Kids up to five years FREE


Car Hire – Paforentals                                                                                                       26 947 058                                                                                                                       Website                                                                                                                              Our recommended car hire company is Paforentals, based in Paphos. They have a good fleet of cars, are very reliable and offer great service.  They also off our 8509 magazine readers a FREE extra collision damage waiver!

Paforentals Ad



Taxi Hire – Palepafos                                                                                                       26 432 161                                                                                                                       Website                                                                                                                              Our recommended taxi company is Palepafos Taxi, based in Kouklia Village. They have a variety of cars and mini buses and are very familiar with Aphrodite Hills Resort.  They also off our 8509 magazine readers a 10% discount:



GoCycle Hire
There’s no better way to see the sights of Aphrodite Hills than on state of the art electric GoCycle bikes which are now on hire from Leos car rentals on the Resort.

GoCycle Hire Sheet jpg

Cycle Hire
Another great way to get around the resort and local area is to hire bicycles. City bikes are available to hire outside Costa coffee (with child seat) or if you require a mountain bike or road bike you can hire them locally for delivery to your holiday property from Mountain bike Cyprus (Kouklia – 26 432 033 / 96 518 061).

Segway hire is available from Leos care hire just outside the Pantopoleio supermarket on resort. They are available for hire from one hour up to a week! Pick Up Times: 09:00, 10:00 , 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 , 15:00, 16:00
Price from: € 25.00 per Segway for the 1st Hour. Minimum age: 16. Safety first – please wear a helmet.

Tips - Segway

Local Information

Drinking water
The water in Cyprus is perfectly safe to drink. You will have a special drinking water tap on or near the kitchen sink tap, this water comes direct from the water mains.

Water conservation
Please conserve water. We don’t get cut off very frequently but it may happen. If you have no water try using the drinking water tap. If no water comes out, the main supply has been cut. We do not generally get a warning but if it goes off it will be for a few hours at a time.

You will already be aware that in Cyprus they drive on the left, so that part is easy for UK visitors. Trying to work out what drivers are doing is more difficult. You will notice a tendency to drive half on and half off the hard shoulder on motorways and for drivers to weave about all over the place. This is partly because most people seem to drive with a mobile phone permanently locked to their ear. There is a lot of corner cutting, no signalling, traffic light creeping and some red light jumping as well, so be very careful at junctions.

Pharmacy Openings
The nearest pharmacy is located in Timi village, first right just past the airport on the B6. Friendly and helpful service and very well stocked shop. Free beauty consultations throughout the week -c call for details. They are open Monday – Saturday from 8:30-14:00 & 15:30 – 19:00. Half day closing Weds & Sats. Tel: 26 422 333.

Googlemap Location

Timi Pharmacy JPEG

Petrol Stations
Most filling stations still have attendant service during opening hours. The nearest is on the B6 towards the airport on the right. Others are at: Pissouri, on the B6, and in Geroskipou there are 3 petrol stations along the B6 on the way to Paphos. When the petrol stations are closed, a machine dispenses for either cash or credit cards. Be sure to read the instructions.

Bank Hours
Monday: 08:15-13:00 & 15:15-16:45. Tuesday – Friday: 08:15-13:00. In tourist areas some banks will operate an afternoon service and all will have 24hr ATM’s.  There is a 24hr JCC ATM located in the village square at Aphrodite Hills Resort too.

There are lots of reliable taxis around but not all of them know their way around the resort. We recommend Palepaphos taxis as they know the resort well.


Useful Numbers

Police, Fire or Medical
Tel: 112 (Emergency Only)

Kouklia Police station
Tel: 26 801 335

To report forest fires
Tel: 1407

Paphos General Hospital
Tel: 26 803 100

Directory Enquiries
Tel: 11892

Timi Pharmacy
Tel: 26 422 333

Palepaphos taxis
Tel: 26 432 161
(4, 6, 10 or 20 seaters)

Larnaca & Paphos Airport Flight Info
Tel: 77 77 88 33

Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Tel: 26 932 841 (Paphos Office)

Cyprus Dive Adventures
Tel: 97 661 046

Mountain Bike Cyprus
Tel: 26 432 033

Eco Tour Adventures
Tel: 99 280 760

Kids Travellite
Tel: 99 116 659 Client Services
Tel: 99 679 692

Fonterra Estates Estate Agents
Tel: 99 813 821

Aphrodite Hills Security
Tel: 26 828 060

Aphrodite Hills Resort Medical Centre
Tel: 26 956 062                                                                                                            Emergency Number (24 hours): 97 810 529

Resort Information
Tel: 26 828 000

The Retreat Spa
Tel: 26 828 100

Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy
Tel: 26 828 122

Aphrodite Hills Golf Reservations
Tel: 26 828 200

Aphrodite Hills Horse Riding Stables
Tel: 99 998 989

Dream Team Soccer School
Tel: 96 297 983

Aphrodite Hills Hotel
Tel: 26 829 000

useful tips - phone

Don’t forget the +357 prefix if using your non-Cyprus phone

Catering Services



Catering services can also be hired for your rental property, or as a resident in Cyprus, from the wonderful BBQ man Cyprus.

Using the freshest ingredients and offering personal service, BBQ Man Cyprus takes all the hard work out of your hands so that you can relax and enjoy your food without the stress of preparing and cooking yourself. BBQ Man Cyprus’ menu includes breakfast buffets, souvla, meat feast and a la carte options.

Whether it’s a wedding party, business party or private function,  BBQ Man Cyprus are our recommended option for you.

Tel: 97 681 568

Advert for BBQmancyprus

Our recommended catering company for you