Interview: Warrior X Retreats, Helmut Waldhuber

Interview: Helmut Waldhuber – Warrior X Retreats

Helmut Waldhuber - Warrior X Retreats


Our favourite fitness guru talks us through the benefits of healthy living:

Describe to us what it is that you do?
I am passionate about human wellbeing and I am the leading expert in creating transformational experiences through the Body&Soul  Detox Retreats. The beautiful scenery and the  luxurious accommodation here on Aphrodite Hills create a calming and inspiring background for the Body&Soul Detox Retreats, where
people can experience the combination of the most effective training methods and healthy and tasty food. They also learn strategies to continue this journey into a healthy lifestyle when they get home.

Why is a healthy body so important?
In my personal experience, working through lower back pain at the age of 23, through to experience working with my clients, I can say  that a healthy body is the basic requirement for almost any kind of

After all, the body is truly the temple for your mind and your  spirit/soul: when your body is healthy you can concentrate much
easier on work, life, family. A healthy body is a very basic need – just consider Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.

What other factors need to be considered to get into shape?
Nutrition is another important factor as are your behavioral patterns. How do you deal with stress? What are your thoughts  about your body, your health, your ambitions – what are your values towards life, work, love, health.

It is relatively easy to get motivated to do something and it is just as easy to fall back into old patterns. This is why I incorporate mind power training into my retreats and with my online and live clients. This combination of physical exercise and mind power training (combined with good nutrition) has given my clients fantastic and lasting results.

What can people do to get into a healthy lifestyle?
There are many ways to get healthy. You can join the gym, go to Yoga, hire a personal trainer, buy online programmes, make an effort to walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. – as long as you make a point of using your body more often.

You don’t need a personal trainer, but it is easier for most of us, to have someone to be accountable to. Either a trainer, a gym buddy or a group of people (workshops, retreats, or fitness classes) will help  most people to achieve their fitness goals more efficiently.

Start now! Arrange a personal training session with Helmut during your stay. Contact: /

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